People of The Living God

Psalms 91


Photo of Cedars of Lebanon Academy

Cedars of Lebanon Academy.



Photo of Chapel and Dinning Room

Chapel and Dinning Room.



Photo of COLA Hall & Lockers

COLA Hall & Lockers.



Photo of Happy Kindergarteners

Happy Kindergarteners.



Photo of Kindergarten Play Time

Kindergarten Play Time.



Photo of Reading Class 3rd Grade

Reading Class 3rd Grade.



Photo of Study Grammar 5th Grade

Study Grammar 5th Grade.



Photo of Geography 5th & 6th Grades

Geography 5th & 6th Grades.



Photo of Working Diligently 6th & 7th Grades

Working Diligently 6th & 7th Grades.



Photo of A Special Outing

A Special Outing.



Photo of Visiting the Elderly- Kindergarten & 1st Grades

Visiting the Elderly- Kindergarten & 1st Gradess.



Photo of Fund Raising

Fund Raising.



Photo of Cancer Awareness Week

Cancer Awareness Week.



Photo of Special Presentation to the Parents

Special Presentation to the Parents.